Welcome to KRIK Cup&Konsert

KRIK (Kristen Idrettskontakt; Christian Sports Contact) Bjerkreim is an organization arranging indoor football (soccer) tournaments five times every year. The four first tournaments are the first Friday of January, March, May and September, while the last tournament is part of the week-end event KRIK Cup&Konsert, which also consists of concerts with international Christian bands and meetings.

KRIK Cup&Konsert 2016 will be arranged the weekend November 18th-20th. The event has an indoor soccer tournament starting Friday at 5pm, with the finals done Sunday at 5pm. We’re expecting concerts with great Christian artists, more info to come. Tickets can be bought at checkin.no. Besides this, there will be Christian Meetings, entertainment and the possibility of having a place to sleep and breakfast here.

If you would like more information and/or have questions, please contact us at krikbjerkreim@hotmail.com, we’ll be happy to help you buy concert tickets and find a place to stay if you’d like to spend more days here during the weekend.

How to get here: Bjerkreimshallen is located by the main road (E39) 45 minutes (by car) South of Stavanger city and Stavanger airport Sola (SVG). We will do our best to help you get here, please contact us at krikbjerkreim@hotmail.com and we’ll help you plan the travel.

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